#Wilcoxon Solo Challenge

The #WilcoxonSoloChallege is finished!  Two years of work, this video series features all 150 snare solos from the Charley Wilcoxon book "The All American Drummer - 150 Rudimental Snare Solos", played as a duo with 150 different drummers.  Here's a preview of the first ten solos we recorded - the rest are all available on my YouTube page.  Check out the list of players below!


No. 1 with Tyler Kreutel

No. 2 with Max Cogert

No. 3 with Andre Copher

No. 4 with Michael Malinowski

No. 5 with Arturo Ramirez

No. 6 with Jacob Richards

No. 7 with Tyler Walton

No. 8 with James Yoshizawa

No. 9 with Andy Sanesi

No. 10 with Matt Lesser

No. 11 with Dave Johnstone

No. 12 with Brijesh Pandya

No. 13 with Andrew McAfee

No. 14 with Randy White

No. 15 with Sam Webster

No. 16 with Peter Buck

No. 17 with JJ Sandoval

No. 18 with Dean Koba

No. 19 with Paul Kreibich

No. 20 with Katin Burns

No. 21 with Jack Perry

No. 22 with Rosy Rosenquist

No. 23 with John Carbone

No. 24 with Nick Hon

No. 25 with Evan Stone

No. 26 with Kevin Brown

No. 27 with David Oromaner

No. 28 with Chris Stevens

No. 29 with Ryan McDiarmid

No. 30 with Kelly Cruz 

No. 31 with Clayton Bigs

No. 32 with Spencer Lere

No. 33 with Kevin van den Elzen

No. 34 with Ian Hubbell

No. 35 with Cameron Soat

No. 36 with Pablo Munoz-Snyder

No. 37 with Gareth Price
No. 38 with Koosha Hakimi

No. 39 with Christian Orozco

No. 40 with Tyler Hunt

No. 41 with Brandon Miller

No. 42 with Jeff Hooker

No. 43 with Max Brayman

No. 44 with Allen Kim

No. 45 with Jessada Chaiyakul

No. 46 with Mike Packer

No. 47 with Ana Barreiro

No. 48 with Tony Austin

No. 49 with Jake Reed

First third done!  Here's a video of a Wilcoxon style worksheet I wrote out:

Wilcoxon Phrase Variations with Tyler Kreutel

No. 50 with Eric Hagstrom

No. 51 with Devin Pruden

No. 52 with Walter Jones

No. 53 with Jay Tibbitts

No. 54 with Adam Alesi

No. 55 with Bobby Stauffer

No. 56 with Conor Malloy

No. 57 with Jesus Sanchez

No. 58 with Rob Slack

No. 59 with Michael Barrera

No. 60 with Slam Nobles

No. 61 with Patrick Malone

No. 62 with Jared Stein

No. 63 with Suraj Partha

No. 64 with Hiram Rivera

No. 65 with Skylar Allingham

No. 66 with Drew Bock

Group Practice Trio @ CSUN!

No. 67 with Anthony Gilleland

No. 68 with David Pirore

No. 69 with Jared Davenport

No. 70 with Nick Ezpeleta

No. 71 with AJ Ocampo

No. 72 with Greg Ozment

No. 73 with Kristian De Leon

No. 74 with Tom Hughes

No. 75 with Diego Briones

No. 76 with Jessica Ragsdale

No. 77 with Mark San Filippo

No. 78 with Niko Embry

No. 79 with Milton Salazar

No. 80 with Amanda Duncan

No. 81 with Lowden Harrell

No. 82 with Ryan Langford

No. 83 with Emilio Corrales

No. 84 with Thomas Ryu

No. 85 with Scott Martin

No. 86 with Evan Carrillo

No. 87 with Harley DeWinter

No. 88 with Fernando Marenco

No. 89 with Michael Duffy

No. 90 with Austin Newbury

No. 91 with Alonso Figueroa

No. 92 with Corey Townley

No. 93 with Robert Anderson

No. 94 with Valerie Franco

No. 95 with Tom Brown

No. 96 with Jon Butterworth

No. 97 with Tim Pleasant

No. 98 with Jon Kirkman

No. 99 with Cooper Wolken

** SOLO NO. 100!! **

No. 100 with Fabio Rocha

No. 101 with Patricia Teles

No. 102 with John Alesi

No. 103 with Jeromy Bailey

No. 104 with Aron Murillo

No. 105 with Kyle Crane
No. 106 with Elias Vasquez

No. 107 with Caitlin Moss

No. 108 with Tom Dante

No. 109 with Colin Woodford

No. 110 with Curtis Marrero

No. 111 with David Riccobono

No. 112 with Suzanne Morissette Cruz

No. 113 with Sam Hooks

No. 114 with Alex Smith

No. 115 with Lindsay Martin

No. 116 with Jason Fragoso

No. 117 with Carson Schafer

No. 118 with Randy Cooke

No. 119 with Aaron Williams

No. 120 with Christopher Allis

From Charley Wilcoxon's Swing Solos book:

"Roughing The Single Drag"  with Joe La Barbera

SOLO's 121-150!!  

No. 121 with Sean Rainey

No. 122 with Ian Wurfl

No. 123 with Marcelo Bucater

No. 124 with Kynwyn Sterling

No. 125 with Ryan Albaugh

No. 126 with Matt Matson

No. 127 with Kevin Stevens

No. 128 with Marco Spodeck

No. 129 with Jason Matson

No. 130 with Dan Potrouch

No. 131 with Martin Diller

No. 132 with Kristen Gleeson-Prata

No. 133 with Kassandra Kocoshis

No. 134 with Max MacVeety

No. 135 with Sam Aliano

No. 136 with Trevor Andries

No. 137 with Zev Shearn-Nance

No. 138 with Jeff Bowders

No. 139 with Mike Green

No. 140 with Chris Payne

No. 141 with Jens Kuross

No. 142 with Austin Scates

No. 143 with Marc Van Aken

No. 144 with David Sierra

No. 145 with Daniel Sunshine

No. 146 with Tina Raymond

No. 147 with Jorge Zuniga

No. 148 with Ty Dennis

No. 149 with Cindy Gould

No. 150 with Michael Barsimanto