Gretsch Rock/Pop setup: 20" bass, 13" tom, 16" tom - studio ready!


Gretsch Jazz Setup: 18'' bass, 12'' tom, 14'' tom - studio ready!


Full office setup with scanner, copier, printer, and wifi for all your lesson materials


Track your project with new and vintage guitars and basses - drum lessons with live guitar & bass 


Collection of new and vintage drums, cymbals, and hardware


New and vintage microphones for recording lessons, demos, audition pieces, and original material

Here's a quick sample from my studio, using a classic "3-microphone" setup on some jazz drums.

Welcome to my new music studio!

*Take your lessons to the next level - private music instruction in a state-of-the-art home studio set up.  Original lesson materials & classic method books.*

Fully furnished with all instruments, microphones & recording equipment, Logic Pro X,  printer/copier/scanner, and wifi!

Two drum kits set up for side by side lessons!

Record your lessons, audition pieces, demos, and original projects!

Over 20 years of playing and teaching experience!


GRETSCH USA Custom Drums

8x12 tom

9x13 tom

14x14 tom

16x16 tom

14x18 bass

14x20 bass

1960's GRETSCH Round Badge

8x12 tom

9x13 tom

14x14 tom

14x20 bass

GRETSCH snare drums

7x13 Brooklyn chrome over steel

5x14 Brooklyn chrome over brass

5.5x14 1960's Round Badge

10x14 1950's  Round Badge Field Drum


1950's A. Zildjian Block Stamp 22"

1960's A. Zildjian 21"

Sabian Artsian 20"

1960's A. Zildjian 20'' (2)

1990's A. Zildjian 20''

1950's K. Zildjian Istanbul 18"

Zildjian Avedis Series 18"

1960's A. Zildjian 18"

1960's A. Zildjian 17"

1960's A. Zildjian 16" (2)

1960's A. Zildjian 8"

1930's A. Zildjian 6"

Zildjian Avedis Series 14" hi hats

Zildjian A. 1960's New Beat hi hats 14"

Zildjian A. New Beat hi hats


Warm Audio 14 Condensers (2)

Vintage AKG D1000e (3)

Shure MX393/O

Shure KSM137 (2)

Shure SM57

Electro-Voice ND 408A

MXL V67g 

AKG D112

Vintage Shure 51 (2)

Vintage Uher M534

Vintage Inada DM21

Vintage Sennheiser MD21


Logic Pro X

Komplete Audio 6

Motu 8 Pre

JBL LSR305 Active Studio Monitors

ART Tube Preamp (2)

Roland Super JV 1080 Synthesizer

M-Audio Keystation 88

2002 Gibson SG Goth Model

70's Takamine F-340 Acoustic Guitar

70's Univox P Bass

4 channel headphone amp

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