NEW - "Triplet Accents" & "... Around the Kit" - snare drum and set exercises

NEW - "Rock With You" -  JR Robinson Transcription 

- "Angola intro - Tony Williams" Transcription -

- "Airto Samba Grooves" 

- "Triplet Ideas - Elvin Jones Style" Worksheet -

- "Gene Krupa Licks"  Transcription -

- "Hi Hat Exercises" Groove worksheet -

- "Berimbau" Samba Transcription -

- "Ticket To Ride" - Ringo Starr drum transcription -

- "Ticket To Ride" - Paul McCartney bass transcription -

- VIDEO and PDF download: 

"Care Of Cell 44"  Hugh Grundy transcription & "Bass Drum Syncopations" ! -

- Moeller Technique / Jazz Ride Pattern mini lesson video! -

- "Building The Phrase" PDF download

​Whether you're just starting out and have never touched an instrument before, or are looking for specific, detailed instruction dealing with advanced musical concepts, my studio has something to offer you.  With over ten years of teaching experience, my guidance and attention help students of all ages to become well-rounded and complete musicians.  Lessons are offered either in a private studio space in the downtown area of Long Beach, or at the individual student's homes.  

Want to know more about my lessons, availability and rates, or want to request some references?  Visit the contact page to email or call me directly at any time with your questions or thoughts. 

Jacob's studio offers lessons in;

Drumset & Percussion

Acoustic/Electric Piano

Acoustic/Electric Guitar

Acoustic/Electric Bass

Musicianship & Theory

Ear Training


​Music Notation Software


"Learning piano from Jacob has been an enriching musical experience for our 10-year-old son.  Adept and quick at assessing our son’s interests, Jacob knows what songs to teach to make learning the piano enjoyable.  After just a few months of lessons, our beginning-level son was playing songs from the Lion King, Harry Potter, and the Beatles.  It’s been pure joy listening to our son’s piano skills grow with Jacob.  We are fortunate to have found not only a dependable and professional music instructor but also a very passionate, patient, and kind teacher for our son."

Joann C. - Long Beach

"He is a skilled musician and fantastic teacher with the ability to make learning fun.  Each week Jacob focuses on basic skills as well as what my son wants to learn.  It's not always easy to keep a nine-year-old boy motivated, but somehow Jacob is able to inspire my son to try new things and to grow as a musician.  He loves his lesson time with Jacob and I have seen a big change in his abilities.  I highly recommend Jacob!!"

Andrea N. - Long Beach

"Jacob has been a wonderful drum teacher to our son.  He's patient, generous with his time, and very passionate about music.  Our son looks forward to his weekly lesson, and has even been able to experience a little of what it's like to play in a band when Jacob accompanies him on the guitar.  I highly recommend Jacob as a music teacher to those of any age and level of experience!"

Theresa H. - Long Beach 

"Jacob has taught my son drums for 3 years.  He took my son from knowing nothing about drums to sitting in for a song with Jacob's trio at South Coast Plaza.  Jacob has made learning the drums fun.  I highly recommend him!"

Tom T. - Cypress

​"I hired Jacob and his trio to play at a cocktail party.  I already knew him and his talents so I did not need to do a search.  He is a very dedicated professional musician whose life revolves around music. Although they play many types of music well, I prefer to hear them play straight ahead jazz which they excel at.  I like how they know when to play a good background music and then when to kick it up and dazzle the crowd.  The cocktail party was two years ago and my friends are still talking about it."

David C. - Long Beach

*FREEBIES!  Download some worksheets and lesson sample PDF's*

Triplet Accents (pdf)


Triplet Accents for Drum Set (pdf)


Rock With You - J.R. Robinson (pdf)


"I Feel Good" Drumset Transcription (pdf)


"Seven Steps To Heaven" Intro Fills Transcription (pdf)


Ticket To Ride - Ringo Starr Drum Transcription (pdf)


"Berimbau" Drumset Transcription (pdf)


Build the Phrase: Solo #46 Worksheet (pdf)


Care Of Cell 44 - The Zombies - Drum Set (pdf)


Ticket To Ride - Paul McCartney Bass Transcription (pdf)


Gene Krupa Licks (pdf)


Hi Hat Exercises (pdf)


Angola Intro - Tony Williams (pdf)


Airto Samba Grooves (pdf)