Listen & Watch

New recordings on their way!  

In the meantime, here are a few samples and tracks to check out.  Enjoy!

Tyler Kreutel and I play through a transcription of Hugh Grundy's drumming on the Zombies' tune "Care Of Cell 44".  The syncopated bass drum "melody" is isolated onto a separate page and we play different types of grooves, feels, etc., with the same melody (straight or swung) in the bass drum and snare.  Jason Fabus adds his own pitches to the written rhythms and creates syncopated solo lines over a "Rhythm Changes" form.  

Tyler and I play through an exercise designed to help better understand the vocabulary found in the Wilcoxon's book, "All American Drummer".  This one is based on a phrase from Solo No. 46.

Here’s a little compilation of Wilcoxon “hi-lights” from our first few videos.